how it work

Send SMS without typing on your mobile phone or computer, its easy and fast.
Voice SMS

Voice SMS

Talk to clients through voice SMS technology that we have around, it is easy to use and implement and works on every platform or device. We are ready to assist you even after the integration. .

How does it work
Send SMS with voice to clients and families without sending written message.
How do I get Started
Register then select the plan which is voice SMS
We integrate once you pay.
Which device Can I use
Voice SMS is compatible with all device.


Easy to use

Everything about our voice SMS is stress-free and can be easily use by any client at any time.

Device Compatibility

With your Android, IOS, Blackberry and more, you can use our voice sms on your device and its compatible.

Good API

This is what makes our services stand out, good Application Program Interface.


N 1,000 [Basic]

Pay 1k per Unit of Voice SMS.

N 3,000 [Premium]

Pay 3k for Premium package of Voice SMS.

N 5,000 [Enterprise]

Pay 5k for Enterprise Plan of Voice SMS.

Get Started

1. Registration - Register or login if you are already a user
2. Navigate the the dashboard when you register and get access to other services like SMS, 2way, and Mail
3. Select Voice and get started. From here you get to a page where you can access the services