Smart Automation

We provide shortcodes and virtual phone numbers with international reach that can be easily implemented into applications, enabling P2A and P2P communication. Get Started

  • Good ApI
  • Smart 2way
  • Auto Response
  • Easy to Use

  • Web Friendly
  • Good Functionality
  • Clarity
  • Campaign performance insight


Our 2-Way SMS coverage currently spans 52 countries. Our partnerships— with MNO's across the globe—allow us to expand our coverage list daily.


Our proprietary technology allows your inbound messages to instantly hit your platform.


Speaking 10+ languages, our expertly-trained tech support team ensures seamless 24/7 2-Way traffic flow continuity.

We support ALL SMS types

Collect messages with our fully-featured Infobip Portal, or via email, SMPP, HTTP push and pull. Filter, sort and group inbound messages to more efficiently manage multiple campaigns.
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